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It's been a year.
A few days ago I started feeling horrible
Like I wanted to crawl into a hole and never come out
Then Allen and I went to the townhouse we rented and started to paint
It feels so amazing knowing that we have our own place
And personalizing it
We started with the kitchen (which just got a coat of white and some trim)
And then moved on to the livingroom
We were going to go in today and put up the 2nd coat in the livingroom
but it just wasn't a day to get out of bed.
Allen and I just layed in bed and slept all day
Everything just feels so numb
I got out of bed around 11:30 tonight and checked my e-mail
since I've been neglecting it for a few days
Allen's still in bed.
I think I'm going to join him now.
Tomorrow we might go back to the house and paint
but if I feel apathy like this again I'm not sure I'll get out of bed.
Tags: baby, miscarriage
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