Ginny (ginnyrenee) wrote,

Between Times

So I realized I neglected my LJ...a lot. Well let's see what's been going on...

  • Separated from Allen
  • I moved in with Zoe and Heather
  • Zoe got a job at Hot Topic
  • I met James Dean, Zoe's manager, and we hit it off
  • Got a divorce from Allen
  • Things with James go superbly
  • Allen starts working with Zoe and James
  • James and Allen become friends
  • Things with James hit a peak - as good as it gets, and I think I'm in love
  • I get a job at a hardware store
  • Chanel is born
  • Sabby gets married =D
  • Juli goes to California with Ben, leaving Chanel with Alecs
  • James breaks up with me
  • Alecs and I spend a weekend bitching and drinking. Love sucks.
  • Picking up the pieces
  • Go to a showfrom a bunch of local bands in South Dakota with Alecs and Norma&& there's a last-minute addition to the schedule, a band none of us had heard of.
    • It's a band Allen and James started with some friends at work x_x
  • I move in with Alecs to help him pay rent && so I'm less cramped by Zoe, Heather, Tom && Tim
And that's prettymuch it.
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