Ginny (ginnyrenee) wrote,

Alecs and I had a "talk" this morning. I seriously hate having those heavy, serious talks. This one was all about committment. It was completley lame, because it wasn't really necessary...even though it was. I love him, and I plan on staying with him long term, and he feels the same, and we trust eachother, and this is working, but for Mo's sake we had to have this talk. It was all "I can't have women in and out of Chanel's life because a girl needs a mother, especially when her own isn't willing to play the part, so I need to know that you're here to stay in her life and mine," so basically we just sat around stating the obvious, but it's a real pain when you have to voice it bluntly instead of just trusting eachother and loving eachother.
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